Second Monday Artists

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Second Monday Art Instructors

Karen Bartlett

Karen is conducting classes at Haslett Community Education, she also has classes at her home studio on Berkley Rd. Williamston, MI.  Please email Karen for more information or check out her website at

Jane Reiter

Jane teaches teen and adult arts and crafts classes for the City of East Lansing February through April 2014.  Classes include Zentangle/Introduction and Advanced, Making a Basket from Recycled Cards, Making Paper Quilt Placemats and Crochet a Granny Square.  Contact: or 517 333-2580 Extension 6565.  Classes are listed in the activities guide.  

Anita Saviko

Anita Saviko, Studio 215, upstairs 107 S. Putnam, Williamston, Michigan    Call Anita at 517-256-8335 or email  Check Anita's website: for more details on watercolor classes that are offerred in her studio.    

Sharon Tarr

Studio and mentoring drawing/painting eight week classes.  For Beginning-Intermediate Drawing and Painting (oil and dry pastels) register or (517)333-2580, Ext. 0.  Mentoring and Advanced Oil and Pastel Painting classes are available in the Williamston Studio.  Contact information and registration:  517 655-4508 or e-mail at   Personalized Study Programs are also available.

Rebecca and Eldon Case

  Rebecca and Eldon teach Bob Ross Floral and Landscape classes at both Hobby Lobby Stores, 2775 E. Grand River, East Lansing and 5801 W. Saginaw Highway, Lansing. For information and registration, call Rebecca or Eldon at 517 337-2647 or 517 488-9787.


Please let us know if you have an interest and we will have the instructors contact you.